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Although the easiest way to resolve a dispute is through negotiation or settlement outside of court, sometimes litigation is necessary. This challenging process is best handled by experienced Dallas-Fort Worth litigation attorneys.

At Norred Law, we litigate a wide variety of intellectual property, bankruptcy, and business cases – and we take litigation seriously. Our team makes every effort to tailor our services to your unique situation and develop effective legal strategies with tried-and-true methods.

Our litigation attorneys prepare for litigation by:

  • Thoroughly reviewing the details of your situation
  • Consulting with experts, witnesses, and any other relevant people associated with your case
  • Gathering and examining all evidence
  • Studying past casework

We do not shy away from the tough cases. No matter how complex or difficult your case may seem, rest assured that Norred Law has the experience, skill, and determination to help you through it. We serve clients Dallas Fort Worth, as well as throughout Texas and across the U.S.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Your intellectual property is your business’s greatest asset. It is vitally important to protect this property – whether it is an idea, a service, an invention, or a work of art – from misuse.

If someone has violated your patent rights or infringed upon your trademark, you deserve to seek justice and protect your intellectual property. Sometimes, the only way to do that is through litigation.

At Norred Law, we litigate cases involving:

No matter your situation, our intellectual property litigation lawyers are prepared to develop the most effective legal strategies to address your problem. Armed with over 75 years of combined experience, our attorneys can be trusted with even the most difficult case.

Internet Litigation

Given today’s digital landscape, lawsuits involving social media, blogs, websites, web domains, and pirating are becoming increasingly common. At Norred Law, our internet intellectual property attorneys in Dallas-Fort Worth keep up with developments in the laws governing the internet. We understand the nuances of these laws and have experience litigating cases in the digital sphere. From social media defamation to cybersquatting, our firm handles a wide variety of internet litigation cases, providing tailored legal services to meet your needs.

Bankruptcy & Business

For those complex cases that bring your business to court, count on Norred Law for comprehensive representation. We understand the intricacies of bankruptcy and business law and can provide results-driven litigation services for you and your business. Whether you are facing an adversary proceeding in your bankruptcy case or your business was hit with a grossly high property tax bill, rest assured that we can help you resolve your problem quickly and effectively.

To learn more about the cases we litigate, contact Norred Law at (817) 500-9433.


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