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It is important to obtain legal protection for your ideas – but sometimes that protection needs to be enforced.

Infringement can occur to any kind of intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights. It can happen within the United States or abroad. When it happens, you need an experienced intellectual property attorney in Dallas-Fort Worth who can put a stop to the trespass.

Intellectual property dispute resolution can take many forms. At Norred Law, we take whichever approach suggests the most favorable outcome, whether that is negotiation, litigation, or arbitration. Of course, should litigation be required, rest assured that we have the experience and skill to represent you effectively. Our Texas intellectual property attorneys will fight to uphold your best interests in court.

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Handling Every Aspect of IP Litigation

At Norred Law, we are experienced in every level of IP litigation, including trials and appeals in state and federal courts.

Copyright infringement cases are filed in federal courts because copyright infringement is exclusively governed by the U.S. Copyright Act.

Trademark lawsuits can be filed in state court or in federal court. Norred Law is adept at resolving multinational trademark disputes and handling trademark proceedings in multiple countries. We coordinate with law firms abroad and contribute to global settlements. We also have served as local counsel in patent and other infringement cases.

Our founding attorney, Warren V. Norred, often draws on his background as a licensed practicing engineer to provide the knowledge and credibility that are essential to achieving client objectives at trial or on appeal.

Representation Wherever You Are

Although our firm is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area, we consult with clients worldwide on intellectual property issues. We do licensing, litigation, and international filings. Our Texas IP attorneys look forward to serving you.

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  • “Hope we don't require their services in the future, but if we do we know where to go and how they will do! Cheers!”

    - Derek Rock Hubenak
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    - Former Client
  • “I call Warren every time I have a question about anything related to intellectual property.”

    - Leslie Burgoyne
  • “I would highly recommend Warren and his firm to family and friends.”

    - Sandi
  • “As a small business owner and creator of intellectual property, Warren's expert advice is what I need and rely on.”

    - Rey Gonzalez
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