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Trademarks are words, symbols, shapes, or even sounds and colors that are used to identify and distinguish the source of a good or service from others. Trademarks should not be confused with either patents or copyrights. Trademarks exist by their use. For example, the name of a law firm is a trademark even if it is not registered with either the state or federal government. The lack of registration does not mean that the trademark does not exist.

If you have a trademark you want to register, be sure to seek the guidance of a skilled Dallas-Fort Worth trademark attorney at Norred Law. Our team can walk you through the process step by step for the greatest chance of a favorable outcome.

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Federal Trademark Registration

Federal registration of a trademark can be advantageous for your business, and failure to obtain a registration for your trademark is an open invitation to legal troubles that could be easily avoided.

Trademark registration:

  • Alert the public to your claim of ownership of the mark
  • Provides a legal presumption of ownership nationwide
  • Gives you the exclusive right to use the mark in connection with the goods or services listed in the registration

Trademarks can also be registered in a state and can be a basis of state-law claims, such as those concerning deceptive trade practices and misappropriation. But do not make the mistake that a state registration is "just as good" as federal registration - the world gets smaller every day.

Trademarks for Social Media Creators

Creative content creators, like those using YouTube, publish loads of digital content day in and day out and push the boundaries of social networking. The state of social media is constantly in flux as creators continue to innovate, introduce new ideas, and put out fresh content. These innovations and brand identity can be protected by a social media trademark.

Remember that time is of the essence. In the digital world, things move fast – and creators who do not register their trademarks may miss out and put their businesses at risk. The team at Norred Law has the unique and relevant experience needed to help you seek this a trademark for your social media content.

Business Trademark Mistakes

One of the most common errors made by business owners is failing to properly ensure that the trademarks they wish to use are available and can be registered before investing too much time and effort into a mark that is difficult to protect.

Business owners also tend to choose trademarks that are too geographic or that contain generic words. The difference between “Norred Law” and “Dallas-Fort Worth Trademark Services” is that the first would be allowed registration while the second would not.

The word “law” would have to be disclaimed during the registration process, leaving the word “Norred” as the prominent word that separates the company name from all other legal names. However, an applicant seeking to register “Dallas-Fort Worth Trademark Services” would have to disclaim “Dallas Fort Worth” because it is a geographic descriptor and both “trademark” and “services” because they are descriptive and generic, respectively, which leaves nothing on which to hang the registration.

Text & Graphics Trademarks

Trademarks can either be ordinary text or stylized with a graphical element. For example, “Coke” is a registered character mark but the Nike swoosh is a graphical mark.

When applying for trademark registration, an applicant must also designate the class of products or services. Each different class of trademark registered must pay the filing fee in full.

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