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Norred Law can protect your inventions, your artistic and engineering endeavors, and your business with the proper patents. We file for patent protection in Texas, the U.S., and foreign countries.

A business’s prime asset is the intellectual property it has amassed. A company that does not own and control its own ideas and information will soon lose its value. When properly secured with patents, an organization’s intellectual property is a source of continuous revenue.

It is vitally important to work with an experienced and skilled patent lawyer in Fort Worth to obtain, maintain, and defend the rights to your own ideas and brand. Seek counsel and guidance from Norred Law, serving clients throughout Texas and beyond.

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Experienced Lawyers Who Can Protect Your Business

Of the four major intellectual property protections — patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets — patent prosecution is the most complicated and the most costly.

Norred Law works with patents in almost every industry, including:

  • Electronic and biomedical products
  • Consumer products
  • Oilfield operations

We have represented companies from large corporations to machine shops and from R&D teams to individual inventors. Wherever good ideas are hatched, our Fort Worth patent attorney is there.

There for You Every Step of the Way

The process of seeking and obtaining a patent can be incredibly confusing and stressful. It is helpful to have a skilled attorney by your side to help you navigate from step to step.

At Norred Law, we work at every stage of the patent process, including:

Though our typical clients are small to medium-sized businesses, we are happy to serve businesses of any size, from multinationals to sole proprietorships. Though our offices are in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area, our clientele is global.

At Norred Law, we respect the power of ideas. Innovations drive our economy and define our character – that is why we make every effort to give new ideas the opportunity to take hold and succeed. Patent protection is a crucial part of this process.

We are available to help you develop the next great idea, process, or service. Call us at (817) 500-9433 to get started.


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