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Aggressively Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Copyright law protects the work of creative individuals, such as authors, songwriters, and artists. At Norred Law, our copyright infringement litigation lawyers in Dallas-Fort Worth represent creatives pursuing copyright litigation and defend individuals accused of copyright infringement. Whether you reside in Texas or anywhere else in the U.S., we are ready to discuss your case.

If you need help filling for copyright protection or pursuing litigation, call (817) 500-9433 to speak with an attorney.

How Copyright Laws Protect Your Work

Copyright law protects the creative work of writers, musicians, and other creative content producers. Courts offer protection even when the copyright is not registered – though registration offers more protection when someone attempts to steal your work.

Representation for Copyright Infringement Litigation

Has someone copied, distributed, or otherwise misused your creative work? Our Dallas-Fort Worth copyright attorneys have more than 75 years of combined legal experience and a commitment to taking on cases with a positive social impact. We have the legal knowledge and resources to effectively handle your case.

Our firm has pursued copyright litigation for cases involving:

  • Illegal use of protected work on social media and online
  • Illegal duplication or performance of print and musical works
  • Pirating of protected material

In some situations, an individual accused of copyright infringement may have been unaware they were infringing on another’s work. Our attorneys carefully examine each situation to provide the most effective defense for our clients, whether your work was infringed upon or you are accused of infringement.

If you need help with a copyright infringement case, call (817) 500-9433 for sound legal advice and representation in court.

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