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Protecting You from Unjust Attacks on Social Media

A new challenge is emerging for businesses and individuals concerned with protecting their online brand and reputation: Preventing defamation. Shielded by a screen, many people take advantage of the anonymity of social media and use it as a way to spread rumors and hurt others.

A growing part of our practice at Norred Law includes suits regarding defamatory attacks made on social media. These suits include the need to identify individuals seeking to remain anonymous while spreading reputation-damaging lies.

Our Dallas-Fort Worth social media defamation attorneys have worked with several clients in Texas and throughout the United States to create a secure space online for their online intellectual property, free from the threat of harassment.

If you have been the victim of social media defamation, please contact us at (817) 500-9433 today.

Handling Online Defamatory Content

Online exposure is a good way to increase a brand’s visibility, but there is always the risk of harassment that can significantly affect you and your business.

Our firm has the necessary experience to protect you from internet defamation on countless sites, including:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+

The rules for determining what qualifies as defamation are complex and nuanced. Norred Law is well-versed in these specific intellectual property laws and can help you determine whether your case is worth pursuing.

If you have been attacked with potentially defamatory statements online, you should:

  • Avoid responding directly to the poster or the claim
  • Take digital screenshots and physically print out the relevant web pages, making sure everything has a date stamp
  • Make note of any instances during which the post is brought to your attention
  • Maintain a record of the evidence that the post/claim damaged your reputation
  • Seek guidance from an attorney

At Norred Law, our team uses our understanding of federal and state laws to handle these cases. We can advise you on how to protect yourself from such attacks and represent you in litigation initiated over your treatment online.

For more information about social media protection, call our Arlington law office at (817) 500-9433.


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