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Briana Breedlove's Defamation Suit & Social Media Response

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Briana Breedlove's Defamation Suit & Social Media Response

Briana Breedlove's Defamation Suit & Social Media Response

Public Statement Concerning Briana Breedlove’s Defamation

Warren Norred and Norred Law represents Tiffany Dierolf, Jacy Campbell, and Cali Campbell in a lawsuit against Briana Breedlove for her false, defamatory statements. Norred Law represents the clients on the civil matter and is not involved in Breedlove's arrests or criminal prosecution.

Norred law did not cause Breedlove to be put in jail. Police arrested Breedlove for harassment this summer after she posted a video threatening the Campbells with, "I’ll curb stomp that bitch and make her sister eat her teeth."

The Denton Police Department again arrested Breedlove in December 2020 for making a false report to police when the department determined that Breedlove fabricated text messages from the Campbells that contained racial slurs. When police asked my clients to provide their phones for examination, they did so immediately, but Breedlove refused. The Denton Police Department made their own determination that the texts were faked using the Pinger phone application. The source of these messages was Breedlove’s physical address.

Norred Law has not harassed Ms. Breedlove or anyone else. Mr. Norred sent demand letters to those defaming our clients; these letters are required by Texas law before filing a law suit against Ms. Breedlove.

Tiffany Dierolf, Jacy Campbell, and Cali Campbell continue to receive severe online harassment due to these fake text messages from online activists. People continue to re-post these fake texts in a misguided campaign to “cancel” these innocent victims, but this kind of internet vigilantism, even if well-intentioned, does not serve justice and is harmful to all parties involved.

I urge caution to those who have been led to believe the many falsehoods surrounding this case; many well-meaning people are being used.

To answer some of the questions received:

  1. My clients are not family friends of anyone at my firm.
  2. My clients are not related to any police officer or fire fighter.
  3. Briana Breedlove has been at least 18 years old since her birthday in September. (This is a correction.)
  4. The Pinger application allows spoofing and can be tracked by IP address.
  5. You can see the bond record by going to this link, clicking on "Jail Bond Records, and using "Breedlove" and "Briana" in the fields. You should get the screen shown below.


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