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Shelley Luther Demands Governor Abbott stop his defamation.

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Shelley Luther Demands Governor Abbott stop his defamation.


Governor Abbott didn't give a lot of money to Republicans running against Democrats in the recent general election, but he has found hundreds of thousands of dollars to give to Drew Springer in a first-rate swampy attempt to keep Shelley Luther out of the Senate, paying for block walkers and a defamatory television ad.

Rather than face a person who has challenged his executive orders, Gov. Abbott's new attack ad, unprecedented in Republican politics, includes outright incorrect statements and "interpretations" of tweets designed to support a false narrative.

In response to false defamation, Texas law requires that a demand letter be sent before suit is filed. Norred Law mailed that letter today, which you can see HERE.

While this letter will not arrive before tomorrow, Governor Abbott should turn from this approach and embrace Shelley Luther as a part of the very real feedback that many Texans are feeling who have not given his campaign any funding or been appointed to his task force.

And even if Gov. Abbott decides to oppose Luther's bid because she offers a fresh look and a modicum of accountability, the voters of SD 30 should support her campaign. Even if they have supported Gov. Abbott against other options, as I have in the past, anyone who supports the Rule of Law and the barest semblance of limited government must vote for Luther in the run-off scheduled for December 19, 2020.

And Gov. Abbott owes Shelley Luther an apology - for writing bad law that puts innocent people who want to work in jail, and now for spreading outlandish lies and exaggerations to stop her, especially when it is in favor of a lukewarm mediocre incumbent that is so vanilla bland that his list of accomplishments includes amendments to bills where he provided zero leadership. Ugh.

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