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PRESS RELEASE - Lockheed Martin Workers Fight Against Vax Mandate

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PRESS RELEASE - Lockheed Martin Workers Fight Against Vax Mandate




October 22, 2021

Lockheed Martin Workers Fight Against Vax Mandate

FORT WORTH, Texas – Employees of Lockheed Martin across the country have joined forces to fight for their personal freedoms as a result of Lockheed’s company-wide policy that all employees must receive a COVID-19 vaccination.

Employees hoping to avoid vaccination through a religious or health exemption are being subjected to unreasonable standards regarding their motivations for remaining unvaccinated and threatened with involuntary “voluntary separation” if they do not comply with the vaccine mandate.

These employees, working in NY, FL, TX, GA, PA, VA, CO, SC, and CA, have retained Warren Norred of Norred Law, PLLC to resolve these tensions. Norred sent a demand letter this morning to Lockheed Martin’s leadership. In it, Norred states that he is hopeful litigation can be avoided, and that his goal is to “reason together and find solutions to keep airplanes being built in a safe environment, honoring the time-tested exemptions reasonably sought by employees who have been loyal to Lockheed Martin for decades.”

Though Lockheed Martin has been more reasonable than many employers with regard to vaccine mandates, its methods still violate federal employment law and fails to recognize exemptions sought based on conscientious objections.

While the employees represented oppose vaccine mandates generally, the focus of this demand letter is simply to seek: (1) a clearly defined and reasonable exemptions process that protects employee privacy, and (2) additional time in which to work with Lockheed toward a resolution that eliminates the anxiety of pending job loss by thousands of employees without termination benefits on December 8, when their deadline to be vaccinated comes due.

Norred has asked Lockheed for a response by October 31, 2021.


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