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Business of the Month - Wow Donuts and Drips (Plano, Texas)

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Business of the Month - Wow Donuts and Drips (Plano, Texas)


Wow Donuts and Drips, of Plano, Texas, has been chosen as our first ever business of the month!

Watch this video as an introduction to the organization and David Sims, it's owner, explains the business's predicament.

The short story is that the business fell behind on its lease, and though the landlord should have given the shop ten days, it instead locked up most of its equipment.

We've looked at this situation and could fight with the landlord...but it would be costly and the debt would remain even if we were able to win the day in court and get his equipment.

However, the landlord has agreed to let the business relocate and release its hold on the shop's equipment if we can raise a portion of the funds due. This collaborative approach recognizes that everyone has been hurt by the government closure requirements, both tenants and landlords, and rather than fight in imperfect and partially closed courts, we can come together and share the load to move forward.

Help us raise the funds necessary to satisfy the landlord enough that it will agree to release the coffee shop's equipment from the landlord so the business can move to a new one!

Donate here! And take a screenshot of your donation and bring it in when the shop has moved for a donut treat, and to receive personal thanks from David's crew.

if we are successful in this endeavor, we'll pick out one business a month where we have a relatively simple problem and people are cooperating to resolve things peacefully. It will never be a huge amount of money, and it will always be where Norred Law is trying to avoid the litigation approach. I know times are tough, but see if you can find a few dollars to help out!


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