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Hedtke's Temporary Injunction Hearing

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Hedtke's Temporary Injunction Hearing


The Temporary Injunction Hearing is set for July 19, 2pm, 2017, in the 201st District Court.

This Wednesday the 19th at 2pm, Norred Law is going to ask the Honorable Amy Clark Meachum, who presides over the 201st District Court in Travis County, to prohibit the enforcement of the anti-transparency No Recording Rule by Byron Cook in the Texas State Affairs Committee.

Byron Cook has waived service and we expect his counsel to appear.

This is just a hearing on the temporary injunction/mandamus. Courts handle this kind of thing in wildly different ways, as they are a bit unusual. I have no expectations about how this will go. I will be completely unsurprised if it is a five-minute legal argument in which the good judge has already determined how she will rule, or she may want to hear a quick presentation and give us a few questions.

Though the events of the day are not in dispute and Ms. Hedtke should really not need to participate, the Court may enjoy hearing her testimony, in which case we’ll certainly provide it. If that happens, we’ll probably be an hour or so.

You are welcome to attend, or donate to the cause!

You can donate to the cause of transparency in our Texas government here. These funds go to both her criminal and civil defense. (Norred Law is handling only the civil side.)

This case is one of two White Hat Institute cases that Norred Law is currently prosecuting; the other is attempting to help the Dream City Coalition stop Arlington’s newest Smoking Ordinance in the 67th District Court in Tarrant County.

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