Hood County GOP Chair Steve Biggers sues County Judge Massingill for violation of the Right to Petition and First Amendment

Biggers v. Massingill

Though "no taxation without representation" has been a rallying cry since our country began, Hood County Judge Ron Massingill decided last year that he doesn't have to listen to the hoi polloi, and instead, just shut down critical speakers. While most government officers in this country have been reasonable enough to accept that their status as elected officials comes with it the task of accepting criticism from tax-paying commoners, Massingill has joined the ever-increasing number of office holders who have begun to simply deny disfavored citizens their voice.

Last year, GOP County Chair Steve Biggers was summarily shut down by Judge Massingill and escorted out of the Hood County Commissioners' Court. Then Massingill was caught on a hot microphone and recorded while he bragged about tossing Biggers out. THEN, Massingill has kept Biggers from informing the electorate about the matter during the time during commissioner meetings when time is allotted for non-agenda items, as he did during December's meeting, which you can watch HERE.

Enough. Elected officials have to learn that their exalted positions do not come with the right to infringe the free speech and right to petition. In this case, that means a federal lawsuit was in order. Last week, Norred Law was proud to represent Steve Biggers and seek redress for Massingill's infringing behavior with a filed complaint in the Northern District of Texas. Biggers seeks a recalibration of Massingill's tiny tyrant behavior, an end to the infringement of Biggers's right to petition and free speech, and money damages.

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