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Orsen E. Paxton, III Joins Norred Law "Of Counsel"

Norred Law is pleased to announce that Orsen E. Paxton, III, is lending his expertise to our organization in an “of counsel” relationship.

Mr. Paxton has been practicing law in Texas for decades, most recently focusing his work on litigation (mostly commercial) and probate matters (wills, estates, and trusts). Because our office works with budding entrepreneurs so often, we have often tapped Orsen for his extensive knowledge in the field, and can now offer estate solutions that are more complex than in prior years, and we can take care of such needs inside the company.

Mr. Paxton is developing a system using generalized packages addressing common packages to meet the needs of his clients. If you have not had your will updated in the last few years, give us a call. Or if you don’t have one at all (or can’t find it), there is no time like the present to plan for the future.

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