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Honeywell gets its own Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate Suit!

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Honeywell gets its own Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate Suit!


Norred Law is pleased to partner with good folks in New Mexico to tackle the Federal Contractor Mandate.

This suit takes a bit different approach than others and also has learned from other suits. It distinguishes this case from the now-infamous Jacobson v. Massachusetts case (1905 small pox case involving an actual law passed by a state that included exemptions, reasonable fines, and a proven vaccine), employs Ninth Amendment reasoning in a due process claim, and reasons that Honeywell and other similar contractors have constitutional obligations even though they are private companies.

Here it is for your reading pleasure:

If you want to be involved in a case like this, be sure to make an EEOC or TWC complaint (preferred is the TWC, because it has a six-month deadline to get to a decision), and send us an email at

Also, if you want to assist in this effort, you can go to the "pay now" button at home page of this site.

Lastly, if you want to help elect people who will fight this kind of mandate in the Texas State Legislature, visit Just sayin'.

Cheers, merry Christmas, and happy New Year to all those who are not satisfied with the deliberate suicide of a successful nation, but are standing up and refusing to be the frog in the slowly warming water.


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