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Pre-acquisition Graduates Of A&M V. A&M School Of Law

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Pre-acquisition Graduates Of A&M V. A&M School Of Law


I spoke with the general counsel of A&M yesterday (May 14), and sent him the latest information regarding the TAMU School of Law acquisition of the Texas Wesleyan School of Law.

The subcommittee on law school governance is unlikely to take up this issue until late July or August, meaning that there is almost a zero chance of the matter being resolved before limitations pass in mid-August.

If this were a mere civil matter of a conventional nature, the parties could agree to continue negotiating with an agreement that limitations are tolled while those negotiations proceed. However, I have no illusion that A&M would make such an agreement, or could even make a decision in a timely fashion. Thus, we need to start looking at what our suit would look like, and who wants to be a named plaintiff, and proceed as if a suit will be necessary.

When I’ve spoken with people about this suit, the idea of a class action pops up. Frankly, I’m not certain such an approach will work, as about 10% of our pre-acquisition undergraduates do not want a reissued degree. (Typically, these individuals are either A&M or UT undergraduates.)

We will begin in early July – At that time, I’m going to send out the request for those folks who wish to be part of the litigation team. and proceed as if there will be no peaceful resolution. We’ll need to file something in early August, to beat a two-year limitation for claims we need to include.

As much as I’d like to hire someone who has done two dozen class actions, I am not sure that we have funds, or could get them. If you have input into this matter, feel free to send me an email. And if you send an email, please use “TWU-A&M” in the subject line, so it can be picked up by my filter and sent to the right sub-folder.

– Warren

P.S. If you are a fellow alumni of mine, and received a Constant Contact email which led you here, my apologies for the formatting of that email – it wasn’t quite done and the wrong button was pushed.

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